Dessert Collection

Dessert Collection
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We've made some wonderful desserts on the show - some of them just made up on the spot using ingredients left over from prior filmings at the end of a long session! Some treasured family recipes that always bring back good memories of Grandma, Aunt Martha, and Mama. And some that were true accidents that turned into deliciousness, proving once again that you really can't "mess up" a recipe!  So have fun with these, change what you don't like, add what you do like and come up with some favs of your own!

Apple-Ginger Upside Down Cake German Chocolate Brownies
Apple-Pecan Dumplings Grandma's Homemade Ice Cream
Apple Spice Dump Cake Honey Marmelade Loaf
Applesauce Cake Lemon Apple Crisp
Apricot Shortbread Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake
Aunt Martha's Pear Pie Lemon-Raspberry Tart
Baked Stuff Apples One-Shot Pecan Pie
Banana Bread Supreme Orange Honey Butter
Banana Cake Outrageous Baked Pears
Banana Chocolate Wontons Peach Cobbler
Banana Fritters Pina Colada Bread Pudding
Banana Pudding Pie from Mama Pineapple-Banana Coffee Cake
Bananas Supreme Pineapple Caramel Nut Loaf
Berry Cheesecake Brownie Pineapple Carrot Cake
Berry Cherry Cheesecake Pineapple Custard
Black Forest Dump Cake Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Black Forest Ribbon Cake Pumpkin Crunch Cake
Blondies Pumpkin Pie Fudge
Blueberry Dump Cake Pumpkin Trifle
Blueberry Streusel Raspberry Squares
Butterscotch Sauce Rustic Peach Tart
Caramel Twisted Brownies Salsa Cake
Carrot Cake Streusel-Berry Cake
Cherry-Applesauce Bars Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
Cherry Trifle Toffee Squares
Cherry-Pineapple Trifle Wild Berry Buckle
Coconut Creme Anglaise  
Coconut Lime Layer Cake  
Coconut Macaroon Cake  
Cranberry Crumb Cake  
Double Dutch Apples  
End of the Trail Cobbler  
Fresh Fruit Cake  


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