FireFan Game Day Recipes - Use Code: FIRENOW

Even though we all try to eat healthy – there are some occasions that make it really hard to stick to that plan!  Like the holidays and GAME DAY!  With the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl games coming up, we thought we'd share a great source for some really delicious Firefan game day recipe ideas!

Super Bowl is the second largest US food consumption day, only surpassed by Thanksgiving. Across the country, people will consume more than one billion chicken wings, 120 million pounds of avocados and 2.5 million pounds of nuts. We broke down some of these insane statistics for perspective.  More people will watch Super Bowl 50 than vote in a presidential election. And they’ll spend a ton of money, too.

How much money? It’s estimated that consumers will spend a total of $15.5 billion on food, decor, team apparel, and other items. That works out to about $82.19 per football fan, partygoer, and “commercial watcher.” You can bet that most of that money is going toward food.  Many have an opinion on what's the best part of the game -- the plays, half-time show or commercials -- but almost all of us agree that game-day eats are a huge part of the fun. Stocking up on the essentials -- chips, wings, hoagies, dip and beer -- is a game-day tradition in and of itself.  But we hope you'll try some healthier choices, like Homemade Chicken Pizza, Yummy Fish Tacos, Jerk Chicken, or Real Good Crabcakes!

And of course, you'll want to play FIREFAN, the hot new sports app that lets you make pre-game predictions and in-game, interactive picks on what happens in every drive of the football game play!  You can get free bonus tokens to download and play the game for free using FireFan Rewards Promo Code FIRENOW – check it out, it's a blast to play!

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