Fire Fan Post-Launch Game Review

Firefan Review Use Code: FirenowAll our loyal Campfire Cafe® followers love sitting around a warm campfire, cooking up good meals, and spending time with family.  But sometimes it's hard to bring family and friends together to do what we enjoy most.  Busy schedules, busy teenagers, friends and family miles apart – the reasons are many.  Well, believe it or not, the new sports app FireFan™ can accomplish exactly that!  I is a unique new family-oriented sports app that can bring people together to play a game, and interact LIVE with TV broadcasts, even if they are miles, counties, states or countries apart.

The beta-version of the app was released on Thanksgiving Day – and the downloads reached tens of thousands instantly making it the number one sports app in the app stores!  While "beta" means there are some glitches to the game right now, post-release play has proven the app developers to be diligent and attentive to fixing glitches and it won't be long before this app is ready to be officially launched and things will never be the same.

The bar for app enjoyment has been reset – and it is HIGH with pre-game predictions and in-game live "picks" while actual sporting events are underway!  But that's not all... you can interact socially (similar to Facebook) with those playing in a game you organize!  Compete with friends, family, complete strangers, or major sports celebrities – from wherever you may be located, or wherever they may be located.  You can play alone, with friends or family, in a game hosted by another player, or in a league of players.  The app is FREE and if you download right now, you can get 12 BONUS TOKENS by using the PLAYER REWARDS CODE: FIRENOW.

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