Leave No Trace

While we love to cook over an open campfire, we are under no delusions when it comes to the realization that they can be dangerous and, when mishandled, can start deadly wildfires. As we enter the biggest camping seasons of the year, we cannot caution our viewers enough of the importance of responsible leave-no-trace camping and outdoor ethics – particularly when it comes to properly extinguishing a campfire.

One of the reasons we are re-introducing our Pit Kit™ product is because it is an excellent leave-no-trace cook pit. The fire is built inside a 55-gal barrel half, and never touches the ground. Fires in the Pit Kit™ can be kept small, controlled and contained. When finished cooking, water poured over the fire drains out holes in the bottom of the barrel. Coals can be completely extringuished and properly disposed of - leaving nothing behind. It can also be used on any surface, such as asphalt, concrete, decks and patios.

If you're camping and using a fire ring on the ground, when finished do not simply bury your fire. The fire can continue to smolder and catch roots on fire. Instead, extinguish your fire with water or, if water is unavailable, stir dirt and sand into the campfire embers until all materials are cool.  And keep your fires as small as possible for the number of people around it, or the meals you plan to cook. The smaller the fire, the easier it is to control and extinguish.

As Smokey the Bear always says - ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES!  So please, have fun this year, but be responsible and safe.

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